Southern Eclipsing Binaries Project


Minima Analysis Form

Minima Analysis Form.xltx is an Excel spreadsheet for recording and analyzing minima of a target system. In it you can record your minima, and if you provide a set of light elements it will calculate O-C results on the minima. It also contains the Excel Linest array function for calculating light elements on your minima using linear regression. It comes with full instructions. Make a spreadsheet from this template for each of your targets.

Ephemeris Calculator

Ephemeris Calculator.xltx is an Excel spreadsheet for calculating when minima (or any desired phase) of a target system will occur. You enter the system’s light elements, your local time offset from UT, and when you want the ephemeris to begin (e.g. last night). It then outputs, for the chosen phase, a table of dates (HJD, UT and your local time) when the phase will occur. It will also find the phase at any HJD you enter.  It comes with full instructions. Make a spreadsheet from this template for each of your targets.

Transforming your Observational Data

Filtered magnitude data need correcting or transforming, to eliminate instrumental colour bias. You first of all acquire the transformation coefficients for your instrument system by observing a group of stars of precisely known colours; then apply those TCs to your observational data. Articles by Benson and Sarty describe the whole process well.

Light Curve Analysis

Wilson 1994 is an elegant article by one of the authors of the Wilson-Devinney code on how to model eclipsing binaries by light curve analysis. It has an extensive bibliography.

SEBRG data file for “Ephemerides”

Ephemerides is a powerful and easy-to-use Windows application for predicting eclipses from your location, within your viewing constraints, on any night. Download app here.  We have a data file for it, containing all eclipsing binaries under observation by the SEBRG. Download data file here and put it in your Ephemerides folder (probably in C:\Program Files (x86)).
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