Southern Eclipsing Binaries Project

Observing Targets

Here are some lists of eclipsing binary observing targets useful for southern observers. Southern EA eclipsers accessible from southern latitudes, with comparison and check stars to use. This was the target list for the old EA (SPADES) project. CSV file. Southern Pribulla EW Targets compiled from Pribulla T, JM Kreiner & J Tremko, 2003, Catalogue of the field contact binary stars, Contrib. Astron. Obs. Skalnate Pleso, 33, 38-70. CSV file. Southern DSLR EB-EW targets, recommended by Mark Blackford. CSV files: Primary list, secondary list, and others.

Choosing a target for tonight

The most convenient way to find an eclipser which is actually eclipsing in your sky tonight is to use the “Ephemerides” program (see Downloads page) It contains several data files - the most comprehensive is called BRNO. Use that. Typically it will offer a dozen or so suitable targets (as in illustration). Information there will help you choose one with a suitable time of minimum (e.g. local midnight), and sky location (e.g. not about to set). However, it is always a good idea to choose targets under observation by the SEBRG, so we can get period change data over the years. Download the data file SEBRG from the Downloads page and put it in your Ephemerides folder. Check its nightly offerings first and if one is suitable for you, choose that. Otherwise use the BRNO file. .
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